11 Yazidi children rescued in Baghuz amid ISIS defeat

As ISIS remnants negotiate in Baghuz and some civilians are able to leave, several Yazidi children have been found. Allegations that ISIS is still holding Yazidis as hostages are circulating.

Zana Amedi writes: “The most heartbreaking scene I witnessed during the week of evacuation. Many Yazidi children arrived in SDF areas today along with their mothers. pic: SDF commander Adnan Afrin talking 2 Yazidi children who were just saved from Daesh. More than 3,000 Yazidis are still missing.”

Nadia Murad writes: “Yazidi kids trying to find their way home after the liberation of IS held territory. After the whole world failed to rescue them since 2014, these kids try to find their way home after IS defeated militarily in Syria. Thousands are still missing yet no plan to find them.”

Mustafa Bali noted “Among many children saved from Daesh territory today, a group of Yazidi children also arrived to safe areas. Thousands of Yazidis who were kidnapped by ISIS in Shingal back in 2014 are still missing.”

A video by SOHR also appeared to show the same children,

Paul Curtis Bradley of the Free Burma Rangers wrote about it.

A person named Roni Efrin Yezidi Ma writes: “Just heartbreaking moment!!
11 Yazidis children from Sinjar in Northwest Iraq, have been liberated after 4 years from the last ISIS-held town of Hajin on the Syria-Iraq border. Now they can go back to their families!!!”

Majd Holbi also provided a list of their names but for their privacy I won’t post it here.

Melissa Delal Yanmis and Dilan Bezek also put up photos and names on their Facebook, “Dear friends today I met berfe and jihan ezidis in Deir er Zor which were kidnapped by ISIS in 2014 in Sengal [Shingal] they are from the village Tel Êzer and got freed today from the SDF. In the beginning they were covered and after we talked with them they showed their faces. Im looking for their parents which are living in Bashur Irak.  Berfe’s parents names are : Xalef Ferho Suleyman and Gule Mera Jihans parents : Hezal jihan and Xero Kazim. Pls let the families know that they are free and save.”

She later wrote “Good news guys i find the family of berfe and jihan of the ezidi womens …Thank u to everybody who shared and helped…And im happy really today that we found their familys. Soon they will be all together. I hope all my ezidi sisters will have from now a good life without any difficulties.”


Ali Baroodi writes: “I already have teary eyes imagining the reunion with their families.”

A new piece at Washington Post describes Yazidis trying to escape, Mahmoud Sheikh Ibrahim comments, “A perfect narration of the Yazidi tragedy from the very beginning to last days of so called caliphate by ⁦⁦⁩ Isis fighters raised their hands above their heads and cried out for mercy.They claimed that they were helping a Yazidi escape…”

According to Yazda, a Yazidi group, “Remnants of the Yazidi Genocide: 11 Yazidi boys who were abducted by ISIS in 2014 were rescued by QSD today in Syria. There are over 3000 Yazidis, mainly children and women, are still missing.”

Murad Ismael writes: “SDF liberated 11 Yazidi children who were taken during 2014 Genocide. We are grateful to everyone contributed to combating ISIS tyranny and liberating our people.”

Rudaw has also posted an article now.

According to another post “SDF fighters have freed 3 Yazidi children who had been abducted by ISIS from Shengal in 2014. The rescued Yazidi children are 11-year-old Samir Xidir, 9-year-old Zinar Eto and 10-year-old Hediye Mihsin.”

And according to Sally Becker “The families of the three children from Sinjar have now been found and one is already with his uncle.”

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