Turkey delegation in US for talks amid big Syria discussions in February 2018

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 6.05.03 AM.png

The US Defense Secretary was “Honored to meet w/ Turkish MinDef Akar, Ambassador Kilic and Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces Gen. Guler this afternoon at the Pentagon. I am confident our discussions today will strengthen U.S.-Turkey relations for the future.”

Turkey said “During the meeting between Minister Akar and deputy Minister Shanahan; Defence co-operation, operations against Deaş in Syria, and various issues, including Turkey’s concerns about the support given to YPG/PYD by the United States, were discussed.”

A recap of important meetings in February.

Feb. 4: Ilham Ahmed of SDC speak at National Press Club
Feb. 6: US Coalition meets
Feb. 13-14: NATO Minister of Defense meeting Brussels
Feb 13-14 Poland summit focused on Iran
Feb. 15-17 Munich Security Conference
Feb. 16 Trump calls on Europe to take back 800 ISIS from Syria
Feb. 21 Trump speaks to Erdogan
Feb. 21 US announced 200-400 troops to remain in Syria
Feb. 22 Turkish defense .delegation in Washington

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