1,000 people leave ISIS-held Baghuz tent city as 25 trucks and buses try to “exfiltrate” civilians

The neverending death of the ISIS “caliphate” continues near Baghuz in the little tent city that has been constructed. In the last ISIS-held area thousands of civilians have fled in the last weeks. The SDF and Coalition have slowed their advance and often halted airstrikes and other fighting in order to allow civilians to leave the area. Even though many of the civilians are suspected ISIS members or supporters, or families of the ISIS male fighters, nevertheless efforts are made to get them out so they can be screened and taken to an IDP camp. Many of them are foreigners.

According to sources up to 1,000 people left as 25 trucks came and went today.

According to the same report: “SDF spox Mustafa Bali states there is no timeline to send forces into Al-Baghuz. The SDF’s considers the remaining civilians as prisoners and will try to rescue as many as possible before any military offensive.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 1.31.46 PM.png

And there were some airstrikes yesterday.

By the afternoon it was 30 trucks

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