Outrage and disgust as foreign ISIS members get all the media attention

Survivors in Mosul and across Iraq and Syria have greeted with outrage the obsessive western media coverage on a handful of “ISIS brides” who have fled to IDP camps in Syria. They wonder why no one cared about their suffering. Why do ISIS members get so much attention, those who travelled so far to Syria to abuse locals, while the victims are not named?

Mosul Eye ass “They brought hell to our cities. More than 40K civilians were killed in Mosul no body cared about them. So can someone define the JUSTICE to me please.”

Rasha al-Aqeedi writes: “Overtly emotional, but this is the sentiment in Mosul upon reading about all the attention foreign born ISIS wives receive in the media. “Shall they be left to die?” is out of the question,which makes locals coerced to live with ISIS wonder why no one cared about their fate.”

Jenan Moussa notes “When I was in Raqqa & one Indonesian ISIS woman was telling me she is a victim, a Syrian woman nearby almost beat her up. She screamed at the foreign ISIS women: ‘You came here with your own free will.'”

She continues: “There are still everywhere in ex-ISIS territories mass graves. There are many enslaved yazidi women still missing. Hundreds of thousands of kurds don’t know what will happen to them after U.S. withdrawal. But most headlines in Western media: Poor ISIS brides want to go home.”

“As we see the exodus of the mostly foreign women from the last ISIS held town in Syria, I keep recalling how their quest to build a Caliphate using these women and their babies impacted the lives of native Syrians. One woman’s story from Raqqa last year,” recalls Tamer el-Ghoubashy.

Ali Y. Al-Baroodi agrees. “We do deserve more attention… ! How could an army of over 30k foreigners travel through the many intelligence systems to cross the Sultan’s land into our countries to turn them into a hellish heap of rubbles! Then they show blatantly as victimized bunch of lambs…!”


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