Battles continue near Baghuz, Italian journalist Gabriele Micalizzi reported injured

Battles continued around ISIS last pocket of control on the Euphrates over the weekend. Mutlu Civiroglu writes “SDF operations to clear remaining ISIS pockets in Dereizor are continuing. Coalition jets support ground forces with airstrikes. Today an Italian journalist, Gabriele Micalizzi injured by an ISIS attack. Local sources say he was transfered to hospital & en route to Italy now.”

Gabriel Chaim, who was with Micalizzi, wrote on Twitter: “Today morning we got hit by Daesh RPG during the embedded following the operation to retake (Baghuz) A Italian colleague that was beside me got hit by shrapnel. He got the trauma first care by YPG and US medics then transferred to Bagdhad by coalition airplane. His is stable.”

Local sources in Italy wrote that he was rescued and taken to an American hospital connected to the Coalition and then to safety. Raised in the outskirts of Milan he has covered conflict in Gaza, Libya, Egypt and Syria as well as Ukraine. He documented the rebirth of Kobani also.

Another source notes: “We’ve provided info about Gabriele Micalizzi, Italian photographer wounded in today’s battle against , to a number of Italian news sources.”

At the same time the Coalition says that ISIS is using mosques for command and control centers

And some of the civilians fleeing the last ISIS areas have turned to be ISIS members and families.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 1.14.29 PM


The foreigners appear to number in the dozens or hundreds in the last several days, including French, Canadians and others

Mahmod Sheikh Ibrahim reports . “The heaviest clashes were going on this evening at Baghouz, reported.” He reports on some Iraqis who were found in the ISIS pocket and who feared going back to Iraq.

ISIS continued to carry out suicide attacks.

Zana Amedi reports “ISIS had 12 days to decide on either to surrender or die. They refused to surrender and asked for safe passage to elsewhere, which wasn’t an option. Now they’re dying 1 by 1. What’s surprising is that those who refused 2 surrender under ceasefire have surrendered in mass today.” ISIS members had allegedly asked for safe passage to Idlib.

According to SDF’s Mustafa Bali 20,000 civilians had fled the area of Baghuz before the operation began on February 9.

Yazidi victims of ISIS continued to be located. None of the foreign ISIS members, many who owned slaves and supported genocide, have apologized for their role in ethnic cleansing and genocide of indigenous peoples

According to Bali on Feb 10: “SDF advanced on northern and western axis into Baghuz since 19:00 yesterday evening, capturing 41 positions of ISIS and destroying fortifications. IS counterattack was foiled at 4 am this morning. Heavy fighting is going on inside the last village at the moment.”

Since January 28 the SDF has claimed that ISIS held only 6 square kilometers of territory.  Bali wrote at the time “squashed into a tiny area of 6 km2, uses thousands of civilians as human shields.”

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