Attack on Iranian pilgrims near Balad, Iraq

A bus of Iranian pilgrims was reportedly hit with a bomb on February 3 in the afternoon as it headed for a shrine in Balad, Iraq.

Initial reports said ten were injured.

Another report said”6 Iranian citizens and 1 Iraqi were wounded, Asaib’s 7 Dujail Brigade responded immediately by searching the areas near the attack site.” It conjures up bad memories of the July 2016 ISIS attack that left 36 dead at the shrine of Sayed Mohammad in Balad.

Iranian media included several reports.

Noting it was a terror attack in Salah al-Din province…”Several people were wounded following this terrorist attack, according to which nine of them are said to be Iranians, of whom 3 are not known.” Iraqi sources said the bomb was detoned on the road south of the city near the “Shaheed Mosque of Seyyed Mohammad, causing injuries to a number of villagers.” Security forces responded. Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 10.27.51 PM.png

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