Tajik women among 1,900 estimated Tajiks who joined ISIS and went to Syria and Iraq

A new article notes that Tajik women were sentenced to life in prison in Iraq for joining ISIS and illegally entering the country. They were some of the dozens who have been sentenced.

The report notes: “He said an official from the Tajik Embassy in Baghdad was present for the sentencing of Sadorat Qurbonova, Maftuna Majidova, Gulrukhsor Alieva, Gulbahor Saifulloeva, and her daughter Mahfuza Qurbonova. According to Zubaizoda, the sentencing of another Tajik citizen, Maqsuda Jakhbarova, was postponed after Iraqi officials were unable to find an Uzbek translator for her.”

It goes on to state that ”43 Tajik women were sentenced to prison in Iraq in recent years after being found guilty of belonging to ISIS. Last year, 13 were handed sentences ranging from 20 years to life in prison….According to Tajik officials, some 1,900 Tajik citizens have fought alongside IS militants in Syria and Iraq in recent years.”

These were just some of the 50,000 foreigners who joined ISIS, an unprecedented migration of people to join a genocidal organization.

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