ISIS threatens villages near Kirkuk, video shows murder of locals, PMU and “tribal fighters”

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.50.45 AM.pngA new video purported to be from ISIS has been circulating online. It appears to show several ISIS members with a flag and weapons. As one viewer, Nidal Gazaui, points out “Video starts with a short speech by Kazura al-Iraqi (Interesting name for a Jihadi) says: ‘Jihad will not stop in Iraq.’ Next part of the video shows a number of execution of alleged PMU and Tribal fighters or spies.” Where are the Iraqi security forces Nidal asks. “now the alarm bells should ring as we can clearly see ISIS entering and patroling several Kirkuk villages.”

They allegedly speak to locals at night, an issue we have heard about over the last seven months. ISIS is able to operate at night in some areas and locals support them.

The video includes several elements. “ISIS fighters in the Kirkuk countryside battle it out with Iraqi troops/militiamen. Additionally, there’s a brief drive-by ambush of an Iraqi military vehicle in broad daylight, but it doesn’t disable it,” notes Séamus Malekafzali.  “ISIS fighters operate freely and openly in the streets of rural Kirkuk, allowing them more leeway to raid, kidnap, and eventually execute Iraqi soldiers and police officers.”

Other reports

There are other reports as well: “National Security Service in coordination with Sulaymaniyah authorities arrested a group of 9 ISIS in the city. The terrorists were transferred to Kirkuk city in order to take the necessary legal steps against them,” Tom Cat writes.

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