Fleeing members of ISIS fear for the future that they denied others

As thousands flee the last ISIS-held areas in Syria, many foreign ISIS members, volunteers and “jihadi brides” have appeared, suddenly fearful for the future. This is the future they denied to their victims, such as Yazidis who ISIS committed genocide against in Sinjar. The future denied hundreds of thousands forced to flee ISIS crimes. The future denied to those who houses across Iraq and Syria are destroyed because of the ISIS war. The future denied indigenous people in Iraq and Syria, by those foreign, usually wealthy, volunteers who came to support the ISIS brand of extremism.

France 24 reports “Among them are a number of jihadi brides, who travelled from all over the world to live under Sharia law. Yet one French national we spoke to would rather serve time in prison back home, where she has been tried in absentia for terrorism, than stay in Syria where she says she faces certain death.”

This is a bit ironic considering that she seems to fear having to live in the country, Syria, which she entered illegally and sought to colonize.

Like other foreign ISIS members, their dark “dream” of continuing to commit crimes against people in Syria and Iraq is coming to an end. None of those interviewed have ever expressed remorse or apologized for the harm, genocide and sexual assaults carried out against local people.

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