SDC official Ilham Ahmad speaks in DC about US withdrawal and what comes next

Ilhan Ahmed, on a trip to Washington D.C spoke about the US withdrawal and what might come next in eastern Syria. She spoke at Middle East Institute and Diliman Abdulkader tweeted many of her points and responses.

Here are some of the details of what she said: We saved humanity and international community from terrorism…It’s important to keep supporting us to continue the fight against terrorists. When many Syrian cities were destroyed we were building our area. This is a great achievement, we as Syrians can govern ourselves…

On the withdrawal: Withdrawing gives the opportunity for ISIS to reproduce…We are real partners to the United States. They should continue to support us to stabilize the area….US military should leave some groups (small forces) to help us…The US wants to coordinate the withdrawal with us and Turkey. And both will be informed. Turkey wants 20 mile safe zone. But no one has discussed with us this idea. We’ve only discussed who will be providing the security on the border.

On Syria: Syrian government and Syrian opposition fighting one another for authority. Opposition works under Turkish authority and serve the Turkish agenda…Regime rejects our ideas. They don’t want to change. They need to change. They have to change. We will keep pushing, they’re an essential part in the negotiations.

On Afrin and Turkey: Turkey attacked Afrin. Example of Afrin is the example of the safe zone Turkey wants in Syria. Nearly 1 million civilians displaced from Afrin….We want to end the Turkish occupation of Syria…Turkey should solve its problem with Kurds in Syria and those Kurds in Turkey too.

On Adana: We need someone to protect us, we don’t have the power to attack Turkey. The allegations against us from Turkey is false. Security agreement between Turkey-Syria (1998 Adana) allows Turkey to enter Syria no more than 5km. However Turkey has entered beyond the agreement.

Regarding the KRG or groups connected to KNC-ENKS etc: to bring the Peshmerga as a different military entity, we will not accept that….we need one military force.

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