“400 ISIS fighters and families” flee last ISIS stronghold in Syria

A new series of images posted online by Mahmud Sheikh Ibrahim show “Around 400 Isis fighters and their families arrived SDF areas. After offering them food, water and blankets, they have been taken to camps around. They were starving. They said more and more are coming behind them just waiting the right moment to leave.”

This comes in the context of the SDF advance against ISIS in the Hajin area. For instance Gabriel Chaim has new footage as well from the frontline of the battle.

“New footage embedded with SDF on the war against Daesh in Shafa town, Syria. I’m embedded with troops almost three months covering the battle to defeated ISIS on their last stronghold in Syria.”

And Jana Andert’s work has recently features a story of women “lured” to join ISIS.

A January 19 press release from the Coalition’s Inherent Resolve notes “In Syria, precision Coalition air strikes targeted and killed more than 200 ISIS fighters, including four senior ISIS commanders near Marashidah and As Susah. Additionally, our Syrian partners liberated the towns of Al Kashmah, Sirat Masoud, and As Shafah within the past two weeks. ISIS used Improvised Explosive Devices in an unsuccessful attempt to slow down the military advance. In Iraq, Coalition and partner forces destroyed more than 730 IEDs discovered across Iraq. Additionally, coordinated airstrikes destroyed ten ISIS weapons caches, hiding places and one vehicle-borne IED.”

This illustrates that even as ISIS is on the ropes and some are fleeing or surrendering (such as one Irish citizen), that there is still a hard core of ISIS fighters to tackle.

In Susah for instance numerous weapons were found.

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