Mosul’s book forum is going well after a year

It is an exciting one year anniversary for the Book Forum in Mosul. After ISIS the cultural scene in Mosul is returning.

“Fahad told me about the idea of the Book Forum while the war was still raging in W.Mosul. He was liberated few weeks before telling me that. Today, we celebrated the 1st anniversary with music, poetry, and love. It strongly proved itself on the cultural map of Mosul,” Ali Y. Al-Baroodi writes.

He has several posts about it. “It’s the 1st anniversary of the Book Forum. It proved itself as a promising cultural project. It’s strongly present on the cultural map of the city as a landmark for discussions, symposiums, arts, and Music. Fahad is doing great. We’ll celebrate tomorrow in a unique way.”

Tamer El-Ghobashy noted in April. “Aspirational Mosul: The Book Forum cafe offers SAT, GRE and GMAT prep books. Astonishing changes happening in this city as it’s people emerge from the shadow of war and occupation.”

Back in February the UK praised it.



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