Hashd al-Shaabi and Yazidi

Reports emerged of a clash or dispute between some members of the Popular Mobilization Units and a local Yazidi unit in Sinjar.

Joel Wing notes “Dec 24 30 members of the Yazidi Protection Force in Sinjar were arrested and then released by Hashd Dec 25 was shootout between the two.” Different reports disputed what happened.

However there were conflicting reports about what happened. “Earlier in Shingal/Sinjar there was an armed Tribal conflict that was being reported as clashes between HPE and PMU. It’s true that one of the members is a PMU fighter but it’s a fight between two known families in Shingal/Sinjar over a land dispute.”

He had originally noted “After 30 members of Ezidkhan Protection Force were arrested in Shingal town due to being out of jurisdiction and therefore an illegal presence, the EFP(HPE) has taken control of all crossings leading into Shingal region…Another thing to note. The PMU involved in this case actively denies storming a headquarters, because there was never one to begin with. They and security forces encountered the group of 30 HPE then transferred them to the local police…Apparently these HPE claimed to be part of the forces operating legally in the federal areas of Shingal region, but that wasn’t the case. No further details at the moment.”

It comes during Christmas season and as Yazda is still seeking to raise awareness of the genocide of Yazidis.

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