Dispute at Mosul university over “couples” on campus

Mosul Eye reported: “Mosul University’s security dept. have established a special unit to prevent male students from walking, sitting or talking to female students in public spaces in the uni.Students told us that the dean of the university tour the university from time to time searching for couples.”

The dispute has erupted about morality police on Mosul University campus. Some compared it to life under ISIS ‘Hisba’ enforcers.

Ali Y. Al-Baroodi writes: “My take on Mosul Uni Campus. Social media exploded on the issue of strict censorship on students mix up & clothing. Now activists call the “Follow up system” as a new notorious Hisba. As a University teacher, I must bitterly admit that such things are still happening….You can see couples all over campus. Some of them may get harassed by the follow up guards. Some IDs may be confiscated and parents called upon. I must also admit that we live in quite a judgmental society. This does not restrict to relationships only. It may extend to clothing and hair styles of both males & females. Another academic phenomenon is the Guidance Counseling made of University Teachers to strict students clothing and hair styles as well. Students are fed up with such backward ruling. Unfortunately, this does not restrict to students only…Staff members are also included. I cannot take my camera & laptop on campus untill I get permits from the intelligence & National Security System inside the campus. I had a lot of arguments with them on this trivial issues which must not take a lot of our times & plans.”

He continues: “I’m afraid this is an Iraqi phenomenon with varying degrees as a lot of people are too judgemental. I walked out of campus at 4P.M today. It was almost empty. A couple were sitting under an olive tree. They may be questioned, or may be not…! I keep telling my students…”

Others noted that this is the kind of enforcement that also takes place under the Iran regime. Some minorities still fear going to Mosul after ISIS.

A poll

Mosul Eye conducted a poll.

We conducted a random poll among students and faculty members of Mosul university on individual and academic freedom on campus. Q: Do you have individual and academic freedom at the university of Mosul? Number of participants: 399

Results: Yes 23% No 77%


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