Trump’s US withdrawal: Day 2 world reactions


For part one of this series on world reactions click here

The world continues to express shock at the US decision to withdraw from eastern Syria. Although many had some critical views on the US policy there, wondering if it was a form of mission creep to confront Iran or whether the US-YPG relationship was helpful in the long-term, now with the US leaving so quickly many are concerned of spreading chaos and the message it sends.

Day two of the reactions begins here.

Mohammed Salih: On a day like this as one seeks an explanation for Trump’s disgraceful about-face on Syria &his leaving US’s Kurdish allies to the mercy of Erdogan & Assad, frmr Egyptian Pres Mubarak’s words resonate deeply: “He who is covered by the Americans is naked”

Wladimir Van Wilgenburg responding to Danny Gold: “It will be complete chaos,” after Gold tweeted “I love the people on here opining about the US leaving Northeast Syria is a move towards peace. Peace for who? You betray yourself. Do some *basic* research into the situation and realize what’s coming. It sure as hell isnt peace.”

Adam Milstein: There’re 5 winners in Pres. @realDonaldTrump decision to pull US troops out of #Syria – and they’re all US adversaries, being #Russia, Iran, Assad, #ISIS and #Turkey. The big losers are loyal American Allies such as the Syrian Rebels, #Kurds and #Israel

Anthony Avice du Buisson: The only thing I would say the US could do is create a NFZ in the northeast. It seems like a pipe dream but it would be the least the US could do.

Mosul Eye: Trump decided to withdraw from Syria and says ISIS is completely defeated! The same decision that Obama made when he decided to withdraw US troops from Iraq and the result was ISIS. It will not settle in the region and will remain the centre of bloody conflicts.

Karl Sharro: I swear everyone was against the US troops being in Syria until Trump said he’s pulling them out.

Pishtgiir Goran: The Kurds have been betrayed again by the west. This generation will not forget, and the next generation will stand against the west. The kurds, warriors of old, will ally with anemies of the western countries to survive. So unfortunate.

Aldar Khalil, member of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM): “Our hopes were never dependent on powers from outside. If they (US) withdraw, the important thing will be the resistance of our people.” (ANHA)

Rick Francona: abandoning the Kurds to the unhelpful alleged NATO ally Turkey.

Steve Rosenberg, BBC: Has Christmas come early for the Kremlin? Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all US troops from Syria suits Russia just fine: a boost to Moscow’s influence in the region.

Josh Rogin: Trump didn’t bother to invite Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dunford to the Syria meeting and kept him in the dark until after the decision was made.

Amichai Stein: Trump threw us under the bus. All the accomplishment fought for will be thrown away. The moment US leaves – Iran, Syria, Turkey & Russia will go in & I fear people will be massacred

Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. Chairman Corker on Syria troop withdrawal: “I’ve never seen a decision like this since I’ve been here in 12 years where nothing is communicated in advance, and all of a sudden this type of massive decision takes place.”

Mark Coughlan: Trump pulls US troops from Syria in stunning move. They’d been backing the Kurds, fighting ISIL. Comes after call with Erdogan, who’s been holding US ally MBS over a fire for weeks. Turkey plans offensive against Kurds. Just last week US Syria Envoy said ISIL has not gone away.

Richard Hall, The Independent: At this very moment, Kurdish fighters are engaged in a fierce battle for the last stretch of land under Isis control. Hundreds have been killed, and it’s not yet over. They are likely hearing the news that US is withdrawing now. Surreal.

Abdulaziz Alhamza: with the current conditions in if the troops will leave that means that East Syria’ll be controlled by either & or because is still as cells and they can come back again in anytime The will regret this discussion if it really happened

Ofer Zalzberg: Trump’s decision to withdraw forces from Syria sheds light on Netanyahu’s U.S. strategy and wishful thinking. To secure DC’s JCPOA withdrawal and embassy relocation to Jerusalem, Netanyahu embraced Trump, repeatedly depicting him as the most pro-Israeli U.S. president ever.

Yesar al-Maleki: Using ISIS prisoners release as a bargaining chip is not the proper reaction by the SDF to Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from .

Senior Congressional Aide: The Erdogan call, was the only thing that could have provoked Trump. A senior congressional aide speculated that the call, and the withdrawal, were “definitely related.”

Cahida Dersim: According to SOHR sources the leadership discusses to release ISIL prisoners. There are currently 3200 ISIS members in prison in Northern Syria

Elijah Magnier: is unhappy to see #US forces pulling out Warmongers are very unhappy France and UK are also unhappy, not consulted #Syria is thrilled. That is the most important. For the first time, I say well-done Donald Trump. You did what is best for America.

Will Jamesson Bryant: Apparently, US Army Delta operator and Ojibwe warrior MSGT Jon Dunbar gave his life in vain at Manbij, Syria, for the US and the people of the DFNS. I remember MSGT Dunbar, even if Donald Trump does not. Rest easy, Jon, some of us remember.

Anadolu: Turkey ‘intensely’ prepping for new counter-terror op

Flight taking State Dept people out: US Dept of State Dash 8 Q300 N567WK heading from All U.S. State Department personnel in Syria are being removed

David Rabeoi: This means the Turks will come charging in. It will be a disaster.

Jim Hanson: He promised to do this and now that ISIS is defeated it will happen It also creates challenges dealing with Iran’s expansion & we will have to use all types of US power and influence as well as help from allies

Ambassador Michael McFaul: The US alone did not defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq. In , we had allies, who were are now abandoning, including first and foremost the Kurds. I hope Mattis et al have a plan for how we help protect them from afar now.

Bilal Wahab: Abrupt US withdrawal from Syria hurts US credibility & interests the most. It would also: a. Embolden US adversaries in the region, weaken allies eg Kurds, b. Create another wave of refugees to Iraq and KRG c. Divert attention frm defeating ISIS & sow seeds for ethnic conflicts

Mohamed Hineidi: But honestly, what did everyone expect? That the US would stay in Syria forever? The Syrian Kurdish fantasy of having a semi-autonomous state ala the KRG in Iraq was never realistic as long as Assad survived.

Russian Embassy in USA: The US decision to pull its troops from Syria creates good prospects for a political solution in that Arab country

Bill Roggio: How do you think the US precipitous withdrawal in Syria is viewed by the Taliban? The Taliban must smell blood in the water. Why would it compromise when it sees the US so eager to leave? Since when is negotiating from a position of weakness (the US) considered a clever tactic?

Michael Pregent: A US pullout in Syria is a win for ISIS, Iran, Russia, & Assad We’ll see an ISIS resurgence & a further entrenched & aggressive Iran in Syria – all before Nov 2020 Trump said Obama exited Iraq too soon & that led to ISIS. This exit gives life to ISIS & destabilizes Syria

Aaron David Miller: Neither Obama nor Trump got Syria right. That’s b/c elusive middle ground between all in and all out doesn’t exist. And to boot Iran, Russia, Assad are prepared to sacrifice in defense of there interests; we aren’t. 2000 US forces and a couple dozen FSO’s isn’t a strategy.

Yerevan Saeed: Its best for SDF to leave Arab dominated areas and retreat to Kurdish areas. Make a deal with Iran/Assad and Russia if possible. I hope Kurds will learn something from this. Last century, there were 2 stabs at the back. In the first decades of 21 century, there are already two!

Tony Badran: There’s a fundamental contradiction at the heart of our regional policy brought about by our CT policy. Worrying about a withdrawal from Syria while empowering the IRGC in Iraq and Lebanon is incoherence. America needs to deal with this two-decades-old paradox.

Masoud Barzani : “The recent developments in Syria, particularly the situation with the Kurds there is a matter of concern. The Kurds of Syria have suffered tremendously under the ongoing war against the terrorists of the Islamic State. (1 of 2)A large number of Syrian are refugees. Terror attacks, volatile political situation and other threats in the past years have hurt [the Kurds] a lot, while the fight against has not finished yet.”

DilimanAbdulkader: now have to simultaneously prepare for an all out war against the Turks, attempt to save the territory they control in a possible deal w/Assad, Russia, Iran which would further legitimize the regime & equates to a victory, at the same time try to convince US to stay.

Matthew Brodsky: For those of you who want to claim that Trump is engaged in an effort push back on with maximum pressure, we just gave up a ton of leverage in for some deal we don’t know the details of with ’s Erdogan. You can stop spinning; this is a catastrophic decision.

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