Yazidis celebrate Eid, Iraq Speaker Halbousi visits Lalish

On December 14 many wished Yazidis a happy Eid, called Ida Ezi (Eyda Ezid or Eîdya Ezidya, Eda hamo Yazidia) when there is fasting.

The holiday is described as “The Three Day Fast of December is one all Yezidis are expected to observe. Fasting occurs from dawn until sunset, and the nights are given to feasting, merry making and some prayer. This is also the time for fasting in other ancient traditions, time to connect with the divine, celebrate and pray for world peace. Time to connect with our neighbors and the global village we live in.”

As for the Eda Rojiet Ezi or Feast of “Ezi or the Almighty” , it falls on Friday after three days of fast according to oriental calendar.


Iraq’s Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbousi visited Lalish, the holy shrine of Yazidis. A leader of Yazda, Murad Ismael, wrote: “We welcome him among us and we welcome the steps taken by Iraqi officials toward the Yazidis and other minorities population. Strong Iraq shall respect all its people regardless to their identities.”

He spoke about allocating a budget to Yazidis.

However the day before his visit the Turkish air force had carried out air strikes in Sinjar and near Makhmur, targeting Yazidi areas claiming to be targeting the PKK. Ezidi Press wrote “Just in time for the Ezidi religious festival of “Eyda Ezid” Turkey again bombed alleged positions of the PKK in Shingal today. This unbearable behavior.”

Across Iraq some tweeted messages for Eid.

In past years foreign officials have also sent greetings.

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