Turkish airstrikes target Sinjar, Makhmur, several reported killed


Turkish airstrikes targeted Sinjar and Makhmur on Thursday night.

According to Turkish media: “The Turkish Armed Forces on Thursday conducted airstrikes against “hotbeds of terrorism” in northern Iraq’s Sinjar and Mount Karacak regions, which terrorists have been using as their bases, a statement said.”

Rudaw reported that “Turkish jets conducted airstrikes against alleged PKK targets in the Shingal and Qarachogh mountains, Turkey’s Defence Ministry announced on Thursday evening. The ministry claimed the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and People’s Protection Units (YPG) were using the sites as bases and argued they were acting in self-defence.”

The mayor of Sinjar (Shingal) also discussed the strike: “Turkish military jets bombarded the west side of Mount Shingal. The targets were Bara and some other areas, but the damages are unknown as of now,” Mayor Mahma Khalil told Rudaw.

Residents of a camp reported up to four killed.

In August Turkey also targeted what it said was a senior PKK leader. He was returning from a memorial for the Yazidi genocide. In April 2017 TurkeyIMG_4156 also launched airstrikes on Sinjar mountain.

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