Nadia Murad meets Nechirvan Barzani, Iraq President Barham Salih



Yazidi survivor Nadia Murad met Nechirvan Barzani, the nominee for the Kurdistan regional presidency, where he said he supports her efforts in raising awareness of the atrocities committed against Yazidis.

It came a day after she met Iraqi President Barham Salih who said it was an honor to receive Nadia “icon for courage in face of genocide & bigotry-she embodies epic struggle of women against sexual violence.We must work relentlessly to free Ezidi women remaining in ISIS captivity, reconstruct Sinjar & pursue eradication of religious extremism.”

She gave him her book and he vowed to do more for Sinjar.


Here meetings come as Amnesty International warned about the plight of small farmers in Iraq:

“One year after Iraq declared military victory over the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS) our report finds that IS’s deliberate destruction of Iraq’s rural environment continues to have debilitating effects on poor, small-holder farmers. The research focuses on the area around Sinjar, scene to some of the most extensive destruction. Irrigation wells were often sabotaged with rubble, oil, or other foreign objects, and pumps, cables, generators and transformers stolen or destroyed. Efforts to hold IS responsible under international law should include these specific crimes. Meanwhile, Iraq’s government should provide farmers and former farmers with urgent assistance to recommence their livelihoods.”

She also met PM designate Masrour Barzani

He wished Yazidis a happy Eid on December 14

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