Mar Behnam restored in Iraq

In an extraordinary After ISIS tale the tomb of Mar Behnam has been restored. Fraternite en Irak notes in French “L’évêque de Mossoul et Qaraqosh, Mgr Petros Mouché, a célébré la messe en présence du Nonce Apostolique. Cette fête est l’occasion de rapporter au sanctuaire les reliques du Saint miraculeusement sauvées des gravats !”

In translation: “The bishop of Mosul and Qaraqosh, Mgr Petros nose, celebrated the mass in the presence of the Apostolic nuncio. This feast is the occasion to bring back to the sanctuary the relics of the Saint miraculously saved from the rubble!”

They also noted “Christians, Muslims, Yezidis, they all came to pilgrimage before Daech destroyed this symbol of the unity of Iraq. This feast is the symbol of a renewal and a possible peace!”  More details can be found at their website and there are other details at this link.

I made a video of churches in Qaraqosh in March 2017 that shows some of the difficult facing Christians after ISIS,


The monastery was desecrated by ISIS in 2015 but plans were made to restore it.

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